Most wanted terror suspect with N6m bounty found dead

April 22, 2017

Fatuma Mohamed Masou, one of Kenya’s most wanted terrorism suspects, has been found dead.

Police found the body of Ms Masou in Kedong, Naivasha, Kenya, over a month ago but reportedly did not make a positive identification of her immediately.

Ms Masou had been in hiding since September last year and had a N6 million bounty on her head.

Fatuma Mohamed Masou’s body was found in Kedong, Naivasha. She was also the wife of Kassim Omondi, a suspected terrorist whom police killed in a raid in June 2013.

Police reportedly suspected Ms Masou of having provided shelter and hiding to another suspected terrorist, Ishmael Shosi, whom police also killed during a raid in Kisauni, Mombasa, in September last year.

Police first arrested Ms Masou after the raid that killed her husband in 2013, but she was released soon thereafter after denying charges of possession of firearms.

Police reportedly used fingerprints to make a positive identification of Ms Masou, whose body was found alongside the body of another suspected terrorist, Farid Omar Awadh.

According to Adam Ali Hassan, a Muslim preacher in Naivasha, Ms Masou’s family also identified her body but refused to take part in her burial.

Mr Hassan said: “We also got in touch with the family of Masou and, after giving them her physical descriptions, they confirmed that she was the one.

They have given us the go-ahead to bury her.”

Before her death, police believed Ms Masou to have been armed and dangerous.

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