Man threatens to divorce his wife who refused to stop BLEACHING (photos)

April 21, 2017

A Mbankolo woman in Uganda  has become the talk of her village after she started bleaching her skin to please her husband, only for him to threaten her with divorce.

The lady, only identified as, Aminata, decided to bleach her black skin because she had more than once spotted her husband flirting openly with light-skinned women.

“I believed bleaching my skin would make me more attractive to my husband and thus prevent him from having extra-marital affairs,” she confessed.

Aminata reveals that once she started using the bleach, she became increasingly impatient to see the outcome on her skin.

But when nothing happened, she went for the quicker solution to lighten her skin.

She said: “I was determined, like Hannah, not for the liberation of my people, but for the restoration of my matrimonial home, which is of utmost importance to me.”

Her husband took notice of what she was doing and told her to stop. But she didn’t listen.

She continued with bleaching and ended up ruining her skin and annoying the husband she was trying to please.

He threatened to send her packing if she wasn’t going to stop bleaching. “My wife now has a rainbow body made of many colours, which is the handwork of gallons of hydroquinone products.

She looks like half-baked cake in a quenching oven. The tiger skin appearance is not the only thing that irritates me, but she is now transparent like a wall gecko. And her skin is so fragile that I do not desire to touch her for fear that it might burst,” the husband, only identified as Godlove, laments.

Even worse, Godlove claims he no longer enjoys intimacy with his wife because her peeled skin stinks.

To him, Aminata should have stayed black and beautiful.

Gistsnaija”s findings revealed  that skin bleaching is a thriving business in Uganda as demand for bleaching products hit the roof. 

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